Hepato-neuro lab

AASLD 2018

AASLD 2018


A poster and an oral presentation will be given by Rafael at the 69th AASLD Congress in San Francisco.

Rafael Ochoa-Sanchez, postdoctoral fellow will present our study done in collaboration with Synlogic. We tested modified bacteria to alter the intestinal gut microbiota to promote ammonia consumption in our bile-duct ligated model.

The poster will be presented November 12th at the “Complications of Cirrhosis II” session, at AASLD, San Francisco. The oral presentation will be offered at the ISHEN symposium.

Related Publication

Genetically Engineered E. coli nissle Attenuates Hyperammonemia in Two Experimental Models of Hepatic Encephalopathy.

Rafael Ochoa-Sanchez, Mariana Oliveira, Grégory Petrazzo, Yossi Dagon, Kip West, Lauren Renaud, Caroline Kurtz, Christopher F. Rose.