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Article in J Neurochemistry

An article is just published in J Neurochemistry


Our results on the impact of hypotension on the brain of cirrhotic rats have just been published in J Neurochemistry.

Congratulations to the first two co-authors: Marc-André Clément and Cristina Bosoi!

We have been able to demonstrate that the brains of cirrhotic rats are more fragile and that they are more sensitive to hypotension, an inevitable effect during liver transplantation. Neurodegeneration (progressive loss of neuronal cells) follows. We were able to prevent this neurodegeneration by treating hyperammonemia in BDL rats using ornithine phenylacetate.

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Bile-duct ligation renders the brain susceptible to hypotension induced neuronal degeneration: implications of ammonia.

Marc-André Clément, Cristina R. Bosoi, Mariana M. Oliveira, Mélanie Tremblay, Chantal Bémeur, Christopher F. Rose.