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Chantal - OPDQ prize

Prize for Nutrition guide


Congratulations to Chantal for the prize awarded by the OPDQ for the guide "Nutrition for cirrhosis - guide for patients".

Chantal was awarded by Andrée-Beaulieu prize for the best communication in 2018 - professional offered by Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec (OPDQ) for "Nutrition for cirrhosis - a guide for patients".

This guide was developed in collaboration with, among others, Dr. Puneta Tandon (U of Alberta) to help patients with cirrhosis with their nutrition. Malnutrition is a common complication of cirrhosis and is generally poorly addressed with patients or their caregivers. This guide aims to develop their knowledge about nutrition, specifically in the context of liver disease.

The guide is available on Canadian Liver Foundation website.

EDIT : The news is spreading! On CRCHUM website and nutrition department of Université de Montréal.

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Puneeta Tandon, Vanessa DenHeyer, Kathleen P Ismond, Jan Kowalczewski, Maitreyi Raman, Tannaz Eslamparast, Chantal Bémeur, Christopher Rose.