Hepato-neuro lab

Editorial in Liver Int-Ytrebo-2013

Accepted article


A editorial signed by Lars Marius Ytrebø (University Hospital of North Norway) and Christopher F. Rose is published in Liver International journal.

The article "Significant advances towards a reproducible, clinically relevant large animal model of acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure" comment the study of Lee et al. published in the same issue of the journal.

Dr Ytrebø and Rose discuss of progress done by the authors who establish a pig model of acetaminophen (tylenol)-induced acute liver failure. Three criteria are required to develop a clinically relevant animal model : 1) death caused by liver failure 2) reproducibility and 3) reversibility. The works of Dr Jalan's team will allow to test many treatments and analyze complications occuring during the course of the liver disease.

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