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Post-doctoral position

Post-doctoral student


We offer a position for a post-doctoral fellow.

The brain in obesity-induced liver disease

General description:

Liver disease (cirrhosis) leads to neurological complications (termed hepatic encephalopathy) which have a drastic effect on quality of life, leads to poor prognosis and negative impacts outcome following liver transplantation. We are searching for a candidate who is interested in understanding the effect of the cause (etiology) of the liver disease on the brain. The effect of fat on brain metabolism in the context of obesity-induced liver disease will be the primary focus. The candidate will primarily work with animals and will further characterize a new animal model recently explored in our laboratory. The candidate must have an interest in working with animals (microsurgery, cerebral microdialysis, behavioral tests, etc). Furthermore, many in vitro approaches will be used to support the project. Ultimately, new therapeutic strategies will also be investigated.

Qualifications :

  • ** Possibility for German students to apply to an Humboldt Feodor Lynen fellowship **
  • Looking for a highly motivated, mature, responsible candidate with eminent leadership skills
  • Competitive CV is an asset
  • Able to work both in a team and independently
  • Able to effectively communicate orally (English or French) and proficiently write in English
  • Recent Ph.D. diploma in Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Physiology or a related field

Procedure :

Please send your curriculum vitae, a letter of intent and two references to christopher.rose@hepato-neuro.ca

Christopher Rose, Ph.D
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