Hepato-neuro lab

Looking for M.Sc student

M.Sc. student


We are looking for a trainee with possibility to continue to M.Sc. degree.

The laboratory is presently seeking for motivated students for a trainee position with an opportunity to pursue at the masters level. Interested candidates should send their cv, an intent letter, recent transcript as well as the name of 2 references to the attention of Dr Chantal Bémeur.

Research themes:

In general, my research activities focus on diseases affecting the brain and the liver and are basic (cell and animal models) as well as clinical (human cohort) in nature. Specifically, my laboratory is interested in :

  • The implication of nutritional factors related to liver diseases' complications including hepatic encephalopathy as well as malnutrition prevention during chronic liver disease
  • The analysis of factors and their respective mechanisms related to lactic acidosis crisis triggering in children affected with Leigh Syndrome French Canadian (Acidose lactique du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean)
  • The study of the impact of a gene mutation (LRPPRC) on mitochondrial function and inflammatory stress vulnerability, in vitro and in vivo
  • The study of the link between oxidative stress, inflammation and cerebral function as well as antioxidant intervention in order to decrease reactive species and inflammatory modulators' toxicity

A stimulating environment:

Located at newly build CRCHUM, the laboratory is equipped with modern infrastructures as well as all the instruments needed to study the implication of factors related to the development of hepatic encephalopathy and lactic acidosis.

The laboratory also benefits from the proximity of CRCHUM's technologic platforms and several experienced scientists, hence contributing to create a motivating and multidisciplinary study environment.